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Free Medical Advices

Sorry to bother you but I recently fell directly onto my left knee playing hockey. That was about a week ago. Well there is no pain when I walk most of the time but if you gently rub a finger around the center of my knee, it feels like the muscle has a spasm and it stings. It feels like the muscle or whatever is pushing out like 2 inches over to the side of where I'm touching. Also bending the knee fully tends not to hurt but there are times. I hope I described this ok to you and I would really appreciate any advice. I don't even know whether or not to put ice or an analgesic rub on it. Thanks for your time.

Dear Kevin,
THANKS for using our Free Medical Advice.
Knee joint is a complexed joint having three (3) bones and large number of ligaments and muscles and any of these maybe injured. From history, it seems, to be a MINOR injury of soft tissues around the knee joint. That needs nothing but REST and ANALGESICS for few days and gradual resumption of exercise. Ice or Hot packs will have soothing effects only if it is swollen and painful.
Dr Sajid Sheikh

Dear Doctor:
About a year ago I came to my neurosurgeon with a problem with my left hand. It was falling asleep, tingling, numbness, and burning specially at night. They did a nerve conduction test a full exam, neurological exam.They found nothing but I still had the same symptoms. I decided to wait on surgery or just live with it, but a year later I still have the same problem but worse. I can't manage it anymore. The Doctor did another test and it showed no damage to the nerve, but that I may have the ulnar nerve pinched under my elbow, where the funny bone is. Should I get the surgery? and What are some Pro and Cons about the surgery? Please help ease my worry!
Thank You,
Eddie Lebron

Dear Eddie Lebron,
THANKYOU for using our free medical advice.
Your history is suggestive of nerve compression. It is not mentioned in your history whether it is in whole hand or in some particular area. One possibility is compression of Median nerve at wrist and other possibility is compression of Ulnar nerve at elbow. For both, SURGERY IS VERY SIMPLE and most important is to differentiate between two. Median nerve compression gives symptoms on Index finger side and Ulner nerve compression on little finger side.
Dr Sajid Sheikh,

Question: How do I treat a deep heel bruise? It has been X-rayed which came back normal. It has been hurting for over a month despite limited use. Age 58, male.
Thank you.
Paul Eade

Dear Paul Eade,
THANKS for availing Free Medical Advice on EMED.
Regarding your problem,
a- A BRUISE is the collection of blood under the skin due to rupture of smaller blood vessels. It is a tissue damage because your X-RAYS are normal.
b- The CALCANEUS bone despite of all weight-bearing restrictions has multi-dimensional movements around it which is very hard to restrict.
c- Sometimes even an injury around this bone in the childhood can cause problems later in your age.
Keeping in view the above factors, it is declared that your injury is a tissue injury and this collection of blood will require quite sometime to heal despite of all limited use.
The only treatment is,
a- No weight-bearing.
b- Pain killers.
Keep your ankle immobile as much as possible and apply analgesic gels or use tablets. Be sure that even if you had minor fractures of Calcaneus bone, the treatment would have been still the same.

I am having a burning, tingling and numbing sensation down my left arm. It feel as though it is "asleep" most of the time. The pain awakens me during sleep and is relieved only when I sit up and continue to move my fingers and arm. Holding onto the steering wheel causes numbness within 10 minutes of driving. The burning sensation continues also throughout the day. Although I have never had back or neck problems I am beginning to suspect that there may be a nerve being pinched. I am an RN, and have had many jobs in the past that have required lifting. Thank you.
Rhonda Johnson.

Dear Rhonda Johnson,
Thanks for availing ‘Free Medical Advice’ on our web-site.
Regarding your problem, you didn’t mention your age but your suspicion seems quite possible. This burning, tingling and numbing sensation MAY BE associated with compression of a nerve, most probably in your cervical (neck) region which might be related to posture or otherwise (like spasm of the muscles of the neck and around).

RADIOGRAPHS of Cervical Spine will be helpful to diagnose. (On X-Rays, kindly rule out CERVICAL SPINE as well).Consultation by some local Neurophysician/Orthopaedic Surgeon is advisable.

Meanwhile you should,
a- Take care of your posture while sitting, driving and lifting heavy things.
b- Also try to keep your limbs warm.

Dear Sir, I have a very strange back pain which starts, when i walk, from the joint of my hips and passes through the whole left leg up to my knee.
Some times it is also felt in right leg and hips but often in left. This is not a regular pain but starts some times a day. It first appeared some 4 months ago and vanished and reappeared yesterday (2-12-2001) but today it seems it is again vanishing.
Some one pointed out that it relates to my nerves?
Please advice what should i do?
Sarfraz Ali

Dear Sir,
According to the history of your complaints and the symptoms you presented, it seems that there is problem with your SPINAL CORD.The probabilities are,
there is some disc problem which can be caused by some injury or in some patients it is due to over-weight problem………
In any case, it should be investigated properly and to rule out ANY DISC PROBLEM, you should have following x-rays,
X-Ray Lumbar spine, and,
X-Ray Sacral spine. (AP & Lat views)…….
For the timebeing you should be treated on the lines of LUMBAGO in which pain is due to some nerve compression in the spinal area. For that, please take the following medicine,
Tab. Piroxicam (twice daily) for your pain but get the x-rays and advice at the earliest.
At this time, u need to keep ur spinal cord straight. For that,
Use hard bed to sleep.
Physiotherapy can be helpful. A Physiotherapist can teach u certain exercises for your back which can help to control
your pain.

Dear Sir,
Unfortunately my son (of age near about five years) dropped from the stairs and there developed a fracture in his left arm shortly above from elbow, but fortunately both segments of the bone are in place and the elbow joint is also alright. We obtained treatment from the Mujahid Hospital (Orthopedic doctor Mr. Bisharat Manzoor) and the doctor has placed plaster over arm. Now after some days from the plaster my son looks much better. I want to ask you the following two questions:
As the bone of the arm has damaged, although it will be recovered soon Insha-Allah, but will it work just like before the fracture and there will be no loss of arm functionality?
Some times he feels itch under plaster and we have no means to relieve him. This situation is very irritating. Is there any way to avoid it?
Thanking you in anticipation.
Shafiq Baig

Dear Sir,
Sorry for the delay of 1 day due to Sunday. The answers to your questions are as follows:
Insha-Allah the working of the fractured arm will be excellent after removal of the Plaster provided the alignment of the bone is proper. I hope that you have already taken a CHECK X-RAY for that after the manipulation by Dr Basharat Manzoor.
Sometimes PHYSIOTHERAPY is needed for sometime after removal of the plaster for the movements of the joints if they are restricted by plaster. Still, there will perfect functioning of arm (again if alignment is proper).
For the itching, nothing could be done locally due to the presence of plaster. However, to control and reduce itching,
Syp.Avil (3/4 teaspoonful twice a day) will do the job. It sometimes induces more sleep. In that case,
Syp. Cerizine (1 teaspoonful once daily) will reduce itching.

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