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All quarries and questions asked are treated professionally, ethically and confidentially. No part of any question or its answer is published on net unless specifically allowed by you otherwise all questions are answer by e-mail only. Moreover answers, and advices are general in nature and according to the information supplied therefore these can not be treated as absolute or final until and unless a personal and final advice is issued. EMED, therefore, is not responsible for any problem arising out of the advice.

EMED is a non profit entity and some times various pages of the web site can be sponsored by Medicine Companies or other professional bodies. In this case messages of these companies can be shown any where on the page, these messages should never be treated as our advice but only an advertisement.

EMED publishes all the stuff after thorough scrutiny. In case of any error or misprint or other problem, EMED can not take any responsibility arising out of this error or emission or misprint.

The Job pages are never updated by EMED but automatically updated by Job offerers and Seekers. EMED does not guarantee the genunity of the contents of JOB pages. Viewrs are requested to get the contents varified themselves. EMED is not responsible for the consequences arising out of these contents.

EMED does not control, in any way, the articles provided by the Foreign Pakistani Doctors. The views expressed and information provided in the articles are sole responsibility of the contributor.


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