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Emed is a project of Zee jay Associates. Emed collects information's about its visitors through web in two ways:

1- When visitors ask some doctors or emed a question and

2 -When submitting your name for subscription to newsletter by e-mail

These information's are collected solely for our administrative record purpose and sending you useful information about our services, no part of it is used for any other purpose nor we sell the information to any third party. Your information is confidential and in no way can be provided to any other party.

Use of Information

We use your information for contacting you either for answering your questions or for sending you updates of our web site or contents of web site. You can tell us if you do not want to receive communication from us in future either for Newsletter purpose or for any other purpose.

Please remember our newsletters are sponsored by third parties and you can receive promotional messages from these sponsors but we shall never provide your information to them any way.

Similarly while asking for advice you can opt either to allow us to publish your answer on web or you can chose to receive answer through e-mail only.

Except as described in this Privacy statement, emed will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about its visitors to any third party without first receiving that visitor’s permission. The individually identifiable information that you provide will be used extensively within the emed to provide a personalized experience to you.

Occasionally, we will send you communications via e-mail providing you useful information and services. It is our policy only to send e-mail to customers who give us permission to do so. Instructions for unsubscribing are included in these e-mails.

EMED, Faisalabad.

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