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4th Annual Gastroentrology Conference

Dr Obaidullah Khawaha & Dr Irshad ul Haque                 Dr Nusrat Ullah Ch & Dr Ehsan Ul Haq & Dr Riaz Dhab
                  Dr Saeed Khokhar & Dr Mhd Naeem & Dr Maj (R) Rasheed.                    Dr Irshad ul Haq & Dr Anwar A Khan                  


About Prof. Dr. Irshad-ul-Haque

Fourth annual gastroentrology conference was held in Serena Hotel Faisalabad on 27th October, 2001. This conference was organised by Prof. Dr. Irshad ul Haque, who Heads the Gastroentrology Unit of Punjab Medical College, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad. Prof. Dr. Saeed Khokhar, President Pakistan Society of Gastroentrology was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Other prominent gastroentrologists on the occasion were Prof. Saeed Hameed, Prof. Anwar A. Khan, Prof. Sibt-ul-Husnain, Prof. Nusrat Ullah Chaudhry and Dr. Arif Siddiquie.

After recitation of Holy Quran and Naat-e-Rasool (PBUH) Prof. Irshad-ul-Haque gave his welcome address. He announced that gastroentrology unit has been given full recognition by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. He said that gastroentrology unit has been providing services to the community of Faisalabad for last 16 years and now latest endoscope machines have also been added. He pointed out that Hepatitis has become the nightmare in our society and is spreading like the fire of jungle. The high morbidity and mortality rates can be curtailed enormously by creating awareness among the masses and highlighting the precautionary measures. He further added that walks and seminars along with booklets have been arranged by the Faisalabad Society of Gastroentrology to serve this purpose.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Khokhar in his presidential address pointed out that about 10% of world population is suffering from different forms of liver disease. Now with the advancement of medical science most of these diseases can be treated if the patient approached the doctor in early stages of the disease. He further added that the re-use of injection syringes, blood transfusion without screening and increase in the number of addicts are adding much to this havoc. He announced that vaccination against Hepatitis "B" is being included in the child immunisation programme. After the welcome session three scientist sessions were held in which state of the art lectures were presented on IBS, APD and management of acute upper GI Bleed by distinguished speakers. Last session was a penal discussion on the diagnosis, management and prevention of viral hepatitis. Doctors took keen interest and there was active participation in the question answer session. Panellists include Prof. Dr. Irshad-ul-Haque as chairman, Prof. Anwar A. Khan, Prof. Saeed Hameed, Dr. Zahid Yaseen Hashmi, Dr. K.M. Yahya and Dr. Arif.

Concluding session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Obaid-Ullah-Khawaja, Chief Executive Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, who thanked the speakers and audiences and congratulated the Gastroentrology unit for this academic event.



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