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It was new concept in Faisalabad and we faced some difficulty in convincing the people to join this new bandwagon.

But people and doctors community are accepting it fast and the response is encouraging.

The contribution from our foreign correspondents is also heartening.

Our hopes and expectations are high and we won't hesitate to work hard.

Inshah Allah with the time we will get even better results.

October 2001

E-med is a site to provide its visitors a chance to know about happenings in the world of medicine. Lot of people have heap of questions in their minds, but due to some reasons they hesitate to put their questions. Alternatively, E-med will update its visitors through various ways. E-med is a project of Zee Jay Associates which is an information technology firm.

At present, beyond any doubt there are numerous medical or related websites. However, keeping in view the ever increasing concern of community in this field, we decide to step in.

The key person behind this site is, Dr. Khurram Sohail Raja, who is a medical graduate. He is a deplonate in medicolegal and Computer Sciences. The other person involved is Zahid Masood who is also a medical graduate. He is also a member of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Moreover he has a master degree from a famous Australian University. His areas of interests include, Primary Health Care, Population Studies, Woman and Child Health, Human Resources Development. Apart from these, their work is complemented by eminent consultant of the area.


The objectives of this website are to:

  1. Provide visitors recent knowledge about advancement in the field of medicine.
  2. Reply any relevant question,
  3. Assist in seeking admission in Foreign universities,
  4. Encourage young talented doctors to get foreign scholarships especially from Common Wealth countries.
  5. Provide information about local and foreign health care system.

In order to achieve these objectives, E-med has been so designed that all the relevant information would be provided to all visitors in no time.

Finally we believe, without suggestions, chances of future improvements are always meager for a service provider. So we shall always welcome your suggestions.

Editor Incharge
Emed, Faisalabad.


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