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Please accept our apologies!

We are extremely sorry about all the delays in officially launching this website. As you remember these problems erupted due to mismanagement of Brain Net authorities when their webhosting server collapsed on 26th of June, 2001. Since then we were unable to find some appropriate place for hosting our site. The real problem was the URL of our website which was also registered through Brain Net authorities. They were not providing us the passwords to change the server information in DNS files so we could all the traffic to the URL previously registered through Brain Net authorities to a new hosting place. In this way they not only violated our rights and injured our interest but also violated the PKNIC (.pk registration authority) rules and regulations by not providing us the passwords of our own domain. This was the main reason for delays otherwise we could update DNS information with in no time. Now we have got registered a new URL for our web site and this time we did this on our own accord. We are pretty sure such problems would never arise in future as we are owner of our own URL. Please accept our apologies for atleast 20 days delays in bringing this website to you and we realy regret all inconveniences caused to you. We also hope that such problems would never arise in future.

Emed, Faisalabad.
20th July, 2001

We have regretted all this previously....

We are extremely sorry for various delays in formal launching of this web site. The main reason remains the same, the problem with Brain Authorities. We shall be back with in a day or two with all the problems solved.

EMED, Faisalabad.
14 July, 2001

Originally Emed was hosted with Brains Net in Pakistan. on 26th June, 2001, the web server of Brain Net went down. since then emed is unable to upload its pages at we have protested several times with the brain authorities but they have not solved the problem. we are changing our URL and web hosting place from now on as we can not trust brain any longer. we apologize for any inconvenience. The web developers of emed have constructed a site showing the details of web hosting problems in Pakistan. you are requested to visit the site and record your sentiment at the "your views" page.

Emed, Faisalabad.
1 July, 2001

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