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  • A Message from Dr. Zaigham Ansari, MD, Child and Adolsecent Psychiatrist who is currently working as Child Psychiatrist by profession and currently serving in United, States Air Force as Staff Psychiatrist
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  • In a recent article Dr. Arif Sohail Sheikh examines the Work opportunities and working conditions for Doctors in Oman as well persuades the young Doctors to join the prestigious working environment in Oman.The article is being published in the best interest of medical community in Pakistan and abroad with out any alteration. All the contents are absolutely original as sent by the contributor.
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Policy and disclaimer
EMED is bringing to you a new section (Horizons) in which Pakistani Foreign Doctors, the pride of the Nation will contribute important articles concerning the medical community especially medical students and fresh graduates. Emed encourages other Pakistani Doctors living abroad to serve their Nation by contributing their views and information for young and talented Pakistani Medical students and the medical community as a whole. EMED does not control, in any way, the articles provided by the Foreign Pakistani Doctors. The views expressed and information provided in the articles are sole responsibility of the contributor.






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